Industrial Designers: Some Revolutionaries Changed The World With Their Aesthetic Sense

by | Apr 25, 2019

Designing a product is something that requires balancing approach towards aesthetics and technicalities. These are the blessed kind of species who are bestowed with some inherent traits that are not found otherwise. However, it took years to recognize the true value of industrial designs until the advent of a patent regime that provides a framework to protect these intangible assets. Viewing the importance of industrial designs companies these days are investing heavily in the designing, packaging or aesthetics part of their products to create a different niche in their business segment.

Industrial Designers: The Revolutionaries

Here are a few of those blessed individuals who are revolutionizing the world with their unique and elegant designs.

Philippe Starck (Paris, France) – Innovative and creative ideas can come even when you are taking your lunch or dinner. This is what exactly happened with Philippe Starck a renowned interior, product, an industrial and architectural designer who revolutionized the world of consumer goods with his unique and elegant designs. While eating “fried squids” in a restaurant something clicked in his mind and he came up with the design of ‘Alessi Juicy Salif lemon squeezer’ that resembles a ‘squid’.

The design was an instant hit and consumers started liking it for being something unusual and different. His concept of democratic design led him to focus on mass-produced consumer goods rather than one-off pieces. Following huge acceptance and success of his designs, he established an international design company that produced consumer goods of multiple genres. We can see his creativity in various products including toothbrushes, furniture, appliances, staplers, and kitchen.

Jonathan Ive (London, England) – Sir Jonathan Paul Ive commonly known among his friends as Jony Ive is an English industrial designer who is currently heading the product designing department of Apple Inc. as the chief design officer (CDO) and was the brain behind Apple’s various breakthrough products including iMac and second generation of the Newton, the MessagePad 110.

Most of the Apple’s designs including the look and feel of Apple hardware, user interface, the architectural design of Apple Park and Apple’s retail stores are the outcome of his creativity only. Much of the successes of Apple’s designs are owed to his functionally clean, aesthetically pleasing and commercially successful designs.

H.C. Dieter Rams (Germany) – Rams is a German industrial designer and widely known in the world of consumer goods for his uniquely crafted designs that are handy and save precious time of consumers. His unobtrusive approach and belief in “less but better” design have helped companies built consumer goods that are simple, compact and time-saving. Rams simplistic approach towards the world secured him worldwide recognition and appreciation. Rams elegant designs include SK-4 record player and the high-quality ‘D’-series (D45, D46) of 35mm film slide projectors.

David Mellor (Sheffield, England) – Mellor was an English designer, manufacturer, craftsman, and retailer. He had an inherent inclination towards metalwork right from his childhood days and at the age of eleven only he made his first piece of metalwork, “a sweet-dish” that gained huge acclamations from family members and neighbors. The company was set up by David Mellor, Royal Designer for Industry. To serve people better Mellor established a company that served in the segment of cutlery and provided cutleries that are unique and elegant.

Mathias Koehler (Germany) – If you want to know how aesthetics can be delivered with furniture then Mathias Kohler is the name that can help you understand this. Koehler is an illustrator and concept artist who created some cool modern version of the traditional rocking chair that can give you a feel of alien life. He came up with innovative, unique and undiscovered furniture designs that are adorable to users.

With an ending note we must, however, mention that much of the success of your design depends on the way you are going to protect your design in today’s IP regime. Here comes the importance of filing patents for industrial designs or protecting them prudently. You too can protect your valuable designs with us.







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