Underdogs of smartphone owned US patents

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“Apple and Samsung finally settle down a seven years long infringement battle with Samsung to pay $539 Million.”[1] Everyone knows the big giants of smartphones and their epic battles especially in the field of intellectual property. Everyone tends to stay on top and in order to do that, they come up with something new (technology, design etc). In the constant battle of staying on top, patents are filed with the speed of light. According to World Intellectual Property Report 2017; up to 35% of all patents ­led worldwide since 1990 relate to smartphones. The top patent owners being Samsung, IBM, Huawei, LG Electronics, ZTE, Panasonic, Blackberry, Qualcomm, Sony, Nokia, Apple and many more.

But no one really gives a thought about those patent owners who own WORTHY patents relevant to smartphones but are missing from the sight of others. The reason being the small size of the company, the patent covering the secondary market, dominance of other big competitors/manufacturers or other.

Our Strategy

By combining an automated method of filtering patents based on objective analytics with the care and thought of manual analysis by a human expert, Sagacious has unearthed some underdogs and identified essentially interesting patents related to smartphones from these owners that can put any company in a litigation effortlessly if license not taken already. Some of the prominent dark horses those emerged in this process include HEADWATER RESEARCH LLC, KOFAX INC., VOXER IP LLC, MERGE LABS INC., DIGIMARC CORP, HIDEEP INC. etc. As an example, one of the patents from these companies revealed a method for performing a touchless mobile function where a user navigates through an application with the help of voice. The claims of this patent are quite broad. Many smartphones companies might actually be using such technology, thereby giving these improbable companies an opportunity to identify potential infringers on their technology.

Since these small players are not the hot topic in patent news, we wonder if they are monetising their patents and generate revenue from it. There is no fun of keeping a patent for twenty years, paying fee without gaining anything from it. Sagacious has helped these types of organizations to efficiently utilise their portfolio and find any secondary markets for their patents apart from their prime business.

[1] https://www.theverge.com/2018/6/27/17510908/apple-samsung-settle-patent-battle-over-copying-iphone


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