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Featured Practices

Global Patent Search & Information

Maximize your protection and minimize the office actions by having the accurate information before patent filing.

Patent Docketing & Paralegal

Sagacious IP`s economical yet highly reliable docketing and paralegal services are trusted widely by both corporations and law firms.

Patent Monetization & Licensing

Sagacious will help you in taking the most ‘critical’ call in monetizing your patents: Which path to take – Patent Sales or Patent Licensing?

Technology Scouting & In-Sourcing

Sagacious Research adopts a systematic approach to gather and source relevant technological information, university experts, individual innovators, R&D units and incubation centers to help you find the best possible solution.

IP Filing & Prosecution Support

Filing IPs and prosecuting them require acquaintances with patent regulatory norms of that jurisdiction and technical understanding about the concerned invention. 

Market Research and Competitive Intelligence

With Sagacious Research’s competitive intelligence and market research service you can gain valuable insight about the latest trend in that particular segment.

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Smarter Approaches for Drafting Smarter Device (IoT) Patents

This case study covers comprehensive case-study on the challenges faced in patenting IoT Technology.

Case Study

Solutions for Drafting in the post Alice era

This case-study includes: Why a different approach to drafting is needed, Post Alice scenario, Drafting Applications – The Sagacious Way,Example cases & Summary of the Original Findings

Case Study

Fund your Business using your Intellectual Property

This comprehensive report covers ways to Fund your Business using your Intellectual Property. It includes: Typical Sources of Funding, Patents Fueling your Business, Different Monetization Approaches for Different Organizations.


Best Practices Guide for Intelligently Pruning Patent Portfolios

This case-study includes: Instances You Must Know, Why Pruning your Portfolio is Prudent, Steps involved in the Pruning Process & Pitfalls to Avoid in this Process

Case Study

Don’t Panic to Patent Infringement

Based on our experience in the industry, we have summarized the ways through which you can defend a Lawsuit. It includes: Non-infringement, Invalidity & Counter-assertion. 


Impact Stories

Danish Pharmaceutical Firm Got Strategic Information partner

When a Danish Pharmaceutical Firm wanted an information partner to help them become No 1 in female fertility market, They Chose Sagacious.

French Diabetes Care Giant Got Strategic Litigation partner

When a French Diabetes Care Giant wanted to monitor and counter any upcoming IP competition and threat, They Chose Sagacious.

Leading European Chemical company Got Strategic FTO search partner

When a leading European company wanted to set-up a chemical plant in the middle-east and to launch chemical products produced there globally without any legal hassles, They Chose Sagacious.

Upcoming Turkish Electrical Company Got To Screened Idea For Patentability

When an upcoming Turkish Electrical Appliance Company wanted to lead the global markets and screen regular flow of ideas for market potential and patentability, They Chose Sagacious.


- Steven Sarlet、欧州弁理士


- Wolfgang Schmid、欧州弁理士


- Janneke Meulenberg、Orca Therapeutics CEO

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